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Kieran Hodgson: '75

Twice nominated for Best Show at the Edinburgh Comedy Awards, character comedian Kieran Hodgson returns to the Fringe with the epic and surprising tale of how Britain joined Europe in the first place. 

On a deeply personal quest for understanding, Kieran perfect a series of obsolete impressions and discovers that the 70s were about more than just TISWAS, the colour brown and the words 'let's go on strike again'.

Passion. Betrayal. Harold Wilson.


1st-26th 8.15pm

Pleasance Courtyard

'An absolute gem... every line is wired for laughter.' - ★★★★★ Guardian

'No opportunity for a laugh is missed' - ★★★★★ Telegraph


Directed by Katie Churchill

Photography: Matt Stronge

Artwork Design: James Firth